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Roller Coaster Know How is a friendly website that tells you everything about roller coasters like the different types, how they work, and much more. We also provide pictures and links to many amusement parks in California so you can plan you day off on something fun.



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(SomeWhat) Weekly Poll

(Somewhat) Weekly Poll

Little fact...

The background song on this page is called "Confusion" and was the original station song for the old "X" roller coaster which is now "X2" and is located at Six Flags - Magic Mountain, Velencia, California. "X2" is a famously known roller coaster as being the first of its kind in the whole world as the first 5th dymension steel roller coaster. It is my favorite roller coaster in the whole world and is scary as hell! You can see pictures of it at the picture galory if you'd like. Here is a picture of it...

You can buy this awsome song off ITunes if you click: Here

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